Why We’re Expanding Beyond Traditional Chiropractic Services

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Why We’re Expanding Beyond Traditional Chiropractic Services…


It’s hard to believe, but we are now in our 20th year of providing chiropractic services to our loyal patients in the Shawnee area. As I look back, I remember that first morning that I jingled my key in the lock, nervous about what awaited me inside.

I bought the practice from the chiropractor who helped me manage my own chronic neck and back pain. I now had some patient files, an X-ray machine, and a few other random pieces of equipment to my name. Everything I knew about dealing with patients was completely theoretical at this point, and I was excited for the chance to implement it.

As I slowly turned that key in the lock my first morning, I heard a voice behind me.

“Excuse me, are you open?”

It came from a woman who is still a valued patient today. She comes in twice a week, and has seen me consistently over these 20 years. She’s experienced chronic back pain, carpal tunnel, and most recently rheumatoid arthritis.

Her consistent dedication to chiropractic care has provided her with some intermittent pain relief but even after 20 years, she still suffered daily. We believe that our patients deserve more. I want our patients to experience longer periods of remission, and to be able to overcome their conditions.

It took me 15 years once I became a doctor to put my own chronic pain in remission. I did it through a whole-body, holistic approach to healthcare. I tried so many treatments and finally discovered my personal recipe for remission. I want to share this same level of relief with my patients.

I made the business and ethical decision to  help relieve every patient’s pain to the point that they no longer need to return week after week for the same complaint – regardless of what that meant for my business. With this philosophy in mind, over the years, we have continuously invested in therapies designed to help patients find the relief they needed.

Most recently, we invested in advanced red and infrared whole body light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and equipment for EWOT- Exercise with Oxygen Therapy to address whole body cellular dysfunction.

I also wanted the ability to help patients who didn’t want traditional chiropractic care. Now, Energy in Motion has the flexibility to help our patients find the customized treatment that’s right for them. As we made strides implementing our new wellness system, we had significant numbers of patients who recover for months or longer from conditions they have suffered with for a long period and never thought could improve. In some cases, these patients viewed their pain as permanent.

We have patients who have increased energy, better sleep, lost weight, relieved their chronic pain, gotten off medications, and generally become healthier versions of themselves. The only thing that changed within their life was the use of our new wellness system.

Our new treatments are about reversing time and becoming a healthier version of yourself. They’re about a general well-being that permeates down to the cellular level. It’s a change that is noticeable in the way that people carry themselves. It’s noticeable in their skin, and in their overall health improvements. It’s evident in their energy levels, and their display of happiness. This is the best part of our job hands down!

We’re proud to move from only providing chiropractic services to a general health and wellness clinic, and we’re the only ones in the state of Kansas using much of this advanced technology. With all this in mind, and a commitment to serving our patients, we’ve changed our name from Back in Motion Chiropractic, to Energy in Motion Whole Body Wellness. We still provide the same level of commitment and care to our patients, with an expanded selection of treatment options.

Whether you’re looking to relieve long-standing chronic pain, or simply become a healthier version of yourself, Back in Motion Whole Body Wellness can help.

Yours in GREAT Wellness,

Dr. Kaspar

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