Kansas City's Only Hilterapia HIRO 3.0

The Deepest Penetrating Laser Therapy Designed for Regeneration

Unique Peak Power…. 

In addition to treating edema and muscle pain with great efficacy, obtaining anti-inflammatory effect even in depth, HIRO 3.0 is able to promote reparative and regenerative processes to allow an effective action on deep joint and tendon diseases. The high intensity cannot be reached by other laser technologies, therefore its high energetic impact, effectively treats even the deepest chronic lesions.The duration and frequency of the HILT® impulse means that its use is always safe, because it constantly maintains the skin temperature below the thermal damage threshold.

HILT is an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-pain treatment that favors tissue repair with immediate and long-lasting effects.
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Energy In Motion Back In Motion HILT HIRO built for Regeneration

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