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Every patient has their own story and their own unique background. This is why we take the time to get to know each of our patients, and develop an individualized care plan designed to help them heal. We go beyond traditional chiropractic care to provide a deeper level of wellness.

Dr. Kile Kaspar

The Beginnings of My Wellness Story

My name is Dr. Kile Kaspar, and my journey to wellness is a personal one. At 15-years-old, I was practicing double flips in my backyard swimming pool. Exhausted but wanting to perfect it, I tried one more but this time I only completed one and half before I hit my head on the diving board. I woke up at the bottom of the pool slowly floating to the top. Confused and all alone I realized I was paralyzed and unable to swim. The last thing I remember thinking was “SWIM, SWIM, SWIM!” and then I ran out of breath and blacked out.

Somehow I ended up on the side of the pool still paralyzed looking at my arms and wondering who’s arms are those. It was an out of body experience as I knew what was going on but I was unable to move or call for help. I still have no idea how I survived.

A few months went by, and I thought I recovered from the incident. That is until I collapsed after bending my neck at drill team practice.

I underwent a battery of tests to try to determine what was wrong. I had brain scans, neck MRI’s and sleep studies. Doctors wondered if I had a brain tumor. No one could quite figure it out. The doctors prescribed me pain-killers, naproxen, muscle relaxers, and anti-depressants, and told me there was nothing more they could do.

My mother took me to a chiropractor, and after a single adjustment, I remained symptom free for 13 years. In my 20s I began to experience it again. I was scheduled for a surgery to address the issue, and the week before, I discovered light therapy. I healed my body through natural means and never underwent the surgery.

This experience has made me committed to not only promoting the amazing benefits of chiropractic but also educating people about light therapy and other forms of natural healing.

An Experienced Holistic Chiropractor

Back in Motion has two decades of chiropractic experience and we have helped many patients heal in that time. We also have more than a decade and a half of experience with laser therapy, starting during the early days of the technology. We sought out our MLS Laser Therapy before the company selling it even had a sales team serving our area. That’s how much we believed in it and how determined we were to find the greatest laser technology available.

This is a technology that saved me from surgery, and through the work of Back in Motion / Energy In Motion, we have helped hundreds of patients avoid so-called “unavoidable” surgeries as well.

I focus my time on researching medical journals and continuing to advance the practice’s knowledge and capabilities. I take pride in finding the answers that will help heal my patients and allow them to take back their quality of life. Through these efforts we have gained the ability to help our patients achieve desired results when other options have failed them.

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