SuperHuman Protocol

Super Human Protocol

The Superhuman Protocol is a unique blend of the treatments below

Achieving Full-Body Wellness With the Superhuman Protocol

At Back in Motion, we believe that health and wellness are central aspects of living a satisfying life. With the Superhuman Protocol, you can work toward well-being with our unique blend of treatments designed to help you feel better.

The Superhuman Protocol combines light therapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), and exercise with oxygen therapy (EWOT) to generate proven results in our patients. The treatments involved in the Superhuman Protocol are ideal for anyone, regardless of age or physical ability. We have patients who are athletes looking for a faster recovery time, and seniors looking to maintain a certain level of mobility. It can also be used to recover from injuries faster.

There are no negative side effects to the treatments involved in the Superhuman Protocol. They combine to provide an excellent strategy for achieving overall general wellness.

Energy In Motion Back In Motion Theralight 360 Light therapy

Light Therapy

Our Theralight 360 Photobiomodulation bed is one of only 30 in the world, and we’ve been helping people with light therapy for 16 years. This treatment is effective at reducing fatigue while promoting general wellness through increased cellular exercise. Find out more about light therapy.

Energy In Motion Back In Motion PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy


Every day we are inundated with negative air pollution. Our cell phones, computers, and electronic devices emit dangerous signals that can negatively impact our health. PEMF is a way to counteract this and rebalance our bodies. It’s something that anyone who spends a good amount of time with their electronic devices can benefit from. Find out more about PEMF.

Energy In Motion Back In Motion EWOT Exercise With Oxygen Therapy


Normal outside air is only 15-20 percent oxygen. EWOT provides a high concentration of oxygen in short, heavy burst. The oxygen provides an energy boost to cells throughout your body. Find out more about EWOT.

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No matter your age, gender, or life situation, wellness is paramount. The Superhuman Protocol is a unique blend of treatments that are designed to help you live a more complete life. General wellness doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. That’s why we offer this customized program for such an affordable price. If you have questions or would like to sign up for the Superhuman Protocol, contact us today!

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